Since it was creat in Morocco on 1983 by Mr. Ahmed El Ansari, ESTABLISHMENT EL ANSARI IMP-EXP has been oriented on the international trade of agri-food products, in order to meet the requirements of its customers.
With more than 37 years of experience, El Ansari Import Export positions itself as the expert in Agrifood and uses its know-how and expertise to meet the requirements of these customers, in a diversified range of products, such as: olives; Canned sardines; capers; Rice, pickles; peppers; lemons
… etc. for Europe, North America, Africa and the Middle East.
Indeed, with these certified partners recognized on the world market, we offer a real guarantee of safety and reliability.

Our team is dedicated to you:

Ets El Ansari has a human capital trained and qualified to bring you the best services.
Commercial logisticians technicians are there to accompany you on a daily basis.
Ets El Ansari also has a professional team that participates in conventions and trade shows in the
sector, to meet you and inform you of the latest news.

import export maroc

Why choose us ?

import export maroc

Experience of more than 37 years
A product range diversify
Logistics mastery
Effective expertise
A support
Our responsiveness and competitiveness define us as a trusted partner for you.

Our mission

We always aim to establish long-term commercial and professional relationships with the goal of achieving the desired results of our customers and partners.

Our values

• Customer satisfaction is our main goal.
• Transparency is our key of success
• Continuous development
• Providing excellent products and services.
• We are committed to professionalism, integrity and transparency.
• We are continually improving our processes and the environment of work.

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